Why did we build testpoint.io?

Testpoint.io exists to support the ausdigital.org implementer community. Unlike single provider RESTful services(e.g. Google or Facebook APIs), a B2B process like e-invoicing needs multiple providers to support the same standard interface and to make their services discoverable. As the detailed specifications at ausdigital.org describe, there are a number of moving parts. Without a suite of test services and test cases, there would be a major risk of incompatible implementations.

How to use testpoint.io

In short, build your implementation of whichever specifications you intend to support in your product, then run the testpoint.io test suite for each specification.

Although there will be some network service providers that will implement a number of the ausdigital technical specifications, by far the most common implementer is the vendor of a software product (eg a ledger solution) that is the ultimate sender or receiver of invoices and other business documents. For the ledger solution, there are only two key implementation steps:

Once you are able to create and consume valid invoices and response, and have successfully exchanged messages with external ABNs via the testpoint.io TAP-GW, and have completed all relevant test cases, then you are ready for production.