Transformation API

In accordance with the ausdigital UBL JSON Syntax 1.0 Specification, offers free transformation APIs for lossless bi-directional transformation between international namespace qualified UBL XML and a simple single root JSON representation.
We expect that the majority of national invoices will use the JSON representation but it is useful to be able to transform to/from UBL for international interoperability with other jurisdictions (mostly the EU) that also use UBL.

Please POST your UBL XML to:

or your UBL JSON to:

In accordance with the ausdigital UBL JSON Syntax 1.0 API. No authentication is required.

Transformation Docker Container

As an implementer, you may use the SaaS API for transformations as needed. However, you may also wish to perform transformations locally, thereby avoiding the need to send un-encrypted invoice data outside of your controlled network. Testpoint is pleased to offer a free containerised version of the transformation API.

More to come on this….