Work in Progress

AusDigital are developing open standards for notary services to support B2B protocols. These are under development at GitHub

We will release a free service when the spec is more developed.

Demo notarization service

After reading the ausdigital NRY specification you can try this demo service to do some notarizations and to browse notarized archives.

API Documentation

Identity Provider

Notarizing the document

  1. Get some valid JWT from IDP ( currently trusts only
  2. Send your target document to public or private POST endpoint
  3. Wait till next periodic notarization (1h)
  4. Check /archives/ endpoint to see recent HOC Archives
  5. Get your archive final IPFS hash from this endpoint or from blockchain
  6. Download archive (for example, some random one) and verify it

Archive verification

  1. download archive proof.json
  2. validate proof.sig signature using the public key from the proof.sig
  3. validate public key - check if it’s provided in DCP
  4. download and validate HocDetails files
  5. View notarized documents if they are public or if you have access to them

Implementation details

Examples and demos

curl --header 'Accept: application/json; indent=4' \

Demo clients How to validate the HOC Archive manually

Help and support

The service is currently in BETA, so some minor problems are expected. Don’t hesitate to contact us by Slack channel of you have any problems or questions.